Who We Are?

Our Mission

Founded in 2019, The Millennium Tours presents the intrepid traveler with the opportunity to live for a while just like the desert dwellers of old.

The Millennium Tours offers you wide range of tourism services in Dubai including hassle free Visa Process to Finest Desert Safari, Quad Bike, Dune Buggy, Dhow Cruise, City Tours, Helicopter Tour, Jet Ski & Yacht Rental Services.

Extraordinary Experiences

The Millennium Tours organizes outdoor field trips for people who wants to add everlasting experiences in their life. From Luxury Yacht sailing in Persian Sea to Quad Bike speeding on deserts, from live music while having a romantic dinner to luxurious Hummer ride, our mission is to make your trip worthy. You can opt for your own private vehicle and guide, for a more intimate way to explore.

Our Core Values

Traveling and experiencing a new destination is a dream that has followed humanity throughout all times. If we can be part of that dream and see it transform into a stunning reality through our services, our purpose is accomplished; and our motivation, inspired to continue our journey of delivering excellence to our guests and our world.

  • We journey together: Always going towards the same destination.
  • We seek fun and adventure: To better understand our guests needs.
  • We are one: Supporting each other, sharing our challenges and our success.


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